Are you actually living how you want?

And what do you want out of life? These are the questions that begin our relationship together. Through a reflective process and creative financial planning, we help you live out your answers throughout your retirement.

At Dogwood, you get:

A made-just-for-you financial plan, designed to help you live purposefully.

Take a look at our core beliefs.

We believe in being transparent and straightforward. So we’ve laid out what you can expect if you work with us and how we approach financial planning.


Two advisors > one advisor.

We (Eric and Jason) put our minds and resources together to offer you the best ideas to reach your goals. You receive the full abilities of two experienced financial professionals and our network of tax and estate planning specialists. We are great at working together and share integrity-driven values.

The golden rule reigns.

We advise people in one of the most consequential areas of their lives. This is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. We provide the same financial advice we would give a close family member or loved one (and the same advice we’d follow ourselves). 

Wealth ≠ genuine fulfillment.

Simply implementing “smart” financial practices won’t cut it. They have to be uniquely and creatively crafted for you. Understanding your story—and where you want it to go next—is the first step to getting financially organized.

Full-picture guidance is key.

Why? Here’s an example: investing well can only get you so far if it means you have to pay a lot more in taxes. To prevent things like this, we always consider all parts of your financial life when making decisions, such as taxes, protection and estate planning.

It’s high time you free yourself from money stress.

The truth is the majority of people live with underlying anxiety about money. Maybe it creeps in just once a week or every few weeks. But at its worst, it’s a nagging feeling you can’t quite shake. If this resonates with you, let's talk.

About Dogwood Wealth Management

We’re not just here to help you save / invest / plan / budget.

Our larger goal is to help you live better.

Our Approach

Our Team

An experience so clarifying you might wish you did it years ago.

Work with us to transform your finances from a source of anxiety into one of your biggest sources of confidence.

Begin with a Conversation

How We Help

Let’s structure your financial picture to empower your ambitions.

What We’ll Do for You

  Coordinate with external professionals on your behalf

  Create a plan addressing every single aspect of your finances

  Provide ongoing financial guidance as your life evolves



No siloed actions taken here.

Just comprehensive wealth management to organize your money and everything that touches it. Through a calendar-based, year-round services approach, we’ll meet 3 times a year to review all parts of your strategy and make any updates to each area:



Tax preparation, communication with your accountant, and proactive tax planning

Estate Plan

Planning and collaboration with your attorney


Risk management and insurance planning


Personalized portfolio structuring and management

Getting Started

Our process centers on your story.

Launch into your next chapter.

Together, we’ll build a meaningful relationship to help you take control of your retirement. Whether you still have a couple of years until you’re ready to close the door on your career—or you’re already in retirement—our focus is on understanding your deepest-held aspirations. No matter where you’re starting from, we’re committed to creating clear, personalized solutions that align with your greatest desires.



Have a Brief Conversation

We like to have an initial call or meeting to answer any preliminary questions you have and share more about how we serve our clients. Simply choose a time that works for you.


Uncover Where You Are and Where You Want to Go

In our next call or meeting together, we’ll dive deeper. This is the time when we’ll discuss what it is that makes your life fulfilling and what you want to experience more of. We’ll also take a close look at your full financial picture, learning about your priorities, needs and specific goals.


Craft and Deliver Your Plan

We’ll carefully brainstorm and develop solutions to increase your likelihood of success, as defined by you. In our next meeting together, we’ll go over our ideas and findings. At this point, you’re encouraged to take the time you need to decide if you want to hire us to put our strategies into action.


Cultivate a Lasting Relationship

We think financial plans need to be living and breathing. If you choose to partner with us, we’ll regularly reflect on how things are going and will work with you to update your strategy to align with newfound goals or life changes. And as your partner, we’re here on an on-call basis to provide direction and guidance when you need it.

It’s time to take a close look at how you’re doing things.

We firmly believe that getting organized financially is the first step to better living.

Get Started with a Conversation